Talk Me Inside: Writing a letter to a detained person speak

The first meeting between the Holding and Eduradio&TV took place last year, in occasion of the project Detained Fathers which the pedagogist Simona d’Agostino has brought to the penitentiary institute of Trani, in May 2021, thanks to Foundation.

We continued to follow with interest activities proposed by radiophonic broadcast dedicated to detained people, and to reinforce the intention of relieving the sense of isolation and abandonment, aiming to get to know to outer world the fullness of detention reality and favour a dialogue with residents, we thought about a new conjunct initiative. We entitled it “Talk me inside”. We started from a concept: words have a powerful meaning. Even if small, or simple.

With words we generate emotions, thoughts, we reach places, we draw images, sometimes we also perceive sounds and scents. Together with intentions, words can reverse the world, they can cause smiles, even in darkness. Exist a multitude of people who make words a reason of life. People who can only rely in words in order to survive. Those are people who have lost freedom: freedom of going out, of acting, but not the freedom of hope. Those are people who have made mistakes, but who continue to employ their energy to transform, to evolve. Due to Christmas festivities, the Foundation Vincenzo Casillo and Liberi dentro -Eduradio&TV have launched a call to words, an invitation to share a narrative resistance action: writing a letter.

The receiver will be an unknown detained person. We can tell him about our day, a good proposal for the day, about a journey, the growth of a son, a walkway in nature, a fragment of the book we are reading, a just found music track, or an experimented recipe with all family. The intent is to give to detained people, a fragment of our free life which can be a motivation, an inspiration, an auspice or even just a hug. We want to create connections. We want to put good words, without prejudice or pity. Some letters will be selected and read in December during the radio-television Liberi dentro curated by Eduradio, visible on Youtube and potentially watched by 750 detained of home Rocco D’amato in Bologna on regional tv channels (ICARO TV, CANALE 18, LEPIDA TV STREAMING).

Other letters will be transcribed or read on Foundation’s social networks. Letters are beneficial. Writing and receiving letters reconcile us with a sincere and inclusive hope. Letters lead us to a night train trip that even locked in a room, make us feel in our way. Write your letter to @This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by the 11 of December 2022.