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From the earth springs life and from Agricola del Sole springs the taste of tradition. Agricole del Sole  specializes in re-designing Apulian traditions and flavours for a modern cuisine. Our range of products are a contemporary expression of the timeless  and authentic culinary traditions of the Murgia. Our mission statement to produce a range of products directly, thus cutting out any intermediaries,  using only the highest quality ingredients  that are fresh, local, genuine and reasonably priced.The concept behind the birth of the Agricola del Sole society is strictly connected to a desire to introduce the antique splendour of the land around Corato, our home town and the dynamic hub of the North of Puglia,  to those from outside the region and from abroad, through its produce: oil from the olive groves and wine from the vineyards that flourish in the area. Agricola del Sole is our way of underlining the importance of the food production industry in Puglia and of showcasing the technological innovations utilized alongside traditional farming  practices.


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