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Selezione Casillo was established in 2008 for the purpose of offering to operators in the food sector top quality soft and durum wheat flours by creating a dedicated and customized product tailored to the end user (bread maker, pizzeria, pastry maker or fresh pasta producer). For this reason, Selezione Casillo, in addition to expanding its range of flours with references always new (“le Semole d’Autore”, “Madre Pietra Madre Grano”, “I Racconti del Campo”), has created a logistical and commercial platform of around 12,000 m2, accommodating over 8,000 pallets. A full range of products, the guarantee of safety and quality of the finished product, the dedicated before and after sales support, the geo-localised marketing services, the on-going training and demonstration activities, including the organisation of “events” with trading partners, these are the plus that Selezione Casillo reserves everyday to its customers.

Agricola del Sole covers an area of around 800 hectares, planted with vineyards, orchards, olive groves and seed crops that every year produce genuine raw materials used to prepare traditional Apulian products. Agricola del Sole’s core values involve promoting the original sources of food and preserving culinary traditions. From among its products,the ones that truly stand out are its extra virgin olive oils, mainly from the “Coratina” cultivar, baked products made from durum wheat semolina and preserves.