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The Casillo School of Basketball, Corato: Mixing skills with fun


The Casillo School of Basketball is founded on the principal that the discipline of sport and the enthusiasm it generates helps children learn and to put into practice the elementary rules of good behaviour and encourages them to operate efficiently in a society of values.The School of Basketball operates on many levels: in the Youth Section, the 2010-11 season saw more than 80 members; the Mini-basketball teams (under 12s) had more than 150 members (boys and girls); the School Project involved 2.800 infant school children in various sports activities throughout the year. The Casillo School of Basketball has a dual aim. On the one hand it hopes to encourage excellence in the sport by offering training to promising players, and on the other, it has a more social dimension, supporting children from disadvantaged backgrounds, offering them, through sport, a way to participate in a society of values and to fulfill their dreams.