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Casillo: Research and Training in the food production field.


The University of Gastronomical Science was founded in 2004. With the Slow Food organization as one of its main promoters and under the auspices of the Regional Councils of Piedmonte and Emilia Romagna, it is a private University that has received full recognition from the Italian state.

The University aims at becoming an international centre for research and training, dedicated to operators in the field of agricultural innovation and the protection of biodiversity. With its desire to encourage ties between the disciplines of gastronomy and agricultural science more generally, Casillo Group supports the initiative through donations.

Students attending the University of Gastronomical Science in Pollenzo come from all over the world and are trained to become a new professional figure with expertise in the fields of communication (including multimedia) and marketing of quality products from the area of enogastronomy (food and wine production), with a view to working in the food production industry, in tourism or in supervisory associations.

Thanks to a methodological approach that blends scientific studies with the humanities, the University offers courses that are active and dynamic, encouraging field-work experience through study trips and visits, and hands-on work experience through direct contact with both artisan and industrial food production companies.

The University takes a practical approach to study by encouraging research projects that are seen to be essential to the formation and development of experts in the food production field of the future.