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The Casillo Group: Business Profile

The history of the company began in 1958 when Francesco Casillo bought the Corato mill ‘Molino e Pastificio Coratini’ and, renaming it ‘Molino Casillo’, handed it over to his son Vincenzo.

With the second generation of the family at the helm, Francesco, Mimmo, Pasquale e Cardenia, the business has grown considerably, the site and production centre has been enlarged and new technological and production techniques have been introduced.
As the business continued to expand, the Casillo Group was formed.

Today the Casillo Group is an international market leader in the acquisition, processing and sale of wheat, due in part to the role of Casillo Commodities Italia Spa, the trading company established by the Group that operates at a global level, which has ensured the Group’s status as a market maker.

The Molino Casillo Group operates in the sector of semolina production and sale on an industrial scale. It supplies clients such as the pasta manufacturing giants Barilla, Granoro, Garofalo, Pasta Zara and many others. Selezione Casillo produces wheat flour products for the bakery market generally, for artisanal pasta manufacturers and wholesale suppliers.

All Casillo products are certified and quality is guaranteed by state of the art production plants and regular controls performed by a technologically avant-garde food safety lab.

Among the more recent initiatives of the Group, the acquisition of the Silos Granari della Sicilia s.r.l.is most noteworthy, including 4 port terminals in Bari, Palermo, Catania and Ancona, which together with the one in Barletta (BAT), have consolidated the Group’s logistic potential.

To this can be added the recent acquisition of two milling companies from Lucca, Molino San Pietro a Vico andl Molino Maionchi Silvio & C, producers of soft wheat flour and durum wheat, that has led to the creation of a new company, Molino di Lucca S.r.l.

The Casillo Group’s commitment to sustainable energy sources has lead to a considerable investment in the field, in particular, photovoltaic systems.

The history of the Casillo Group since 1958 is characterized by a commitment to innovation and a love for the land. These values are at the heart of the Fondazione Casillo, a foundation dedicated to promoting cultural and social initiatives in the area and for the area.

The Casillo Group looks to the future with the same healthy passion of the past!