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Working with a passion for over 50 years

molino casillo corato

From its humble origins as a provincial mill, to its current position as a diversified industrial group functioning on a national and international level, Casillo Group has been working with passion now for more that  50 years.  In 1990 Vincenzo Casillo’s children, Francesco, Beniamino, Pasquale and Cardenia joined the firm and have quickly made their mark. This new generation is responsible, above all, for the transformation of a family firm into a  modern, managerial Company that is the leading supplier of wheat flour to  the most renowned pasta production companies in Italy and abroad.
The business skills and enlightened gaze to the future of Vincenzo Casillo was behind the founding of Semolificio A. Moromarco SpA.In 1970, with his friend and partner Antonio Moromarco, an expert in durum wheat milling, Casillo bought the Società Semolifici Andriesi S.r.l., a long-established milling plant in Andria that continued to work until 1992 when all activity was shifted to the Corato plant. A born business man, the young Casillo realized the importance of offering  a high standard of  product quality to customers, a concept that has remained dear to the Casillo ethic today. The mill was soon expanded, with the first reinforced concrete silos in the south of Italy being built at the plant, a sign of the second most important notion dear to Casillo’s mentality: innovation. The introduction of innovative methods in the transportation of raw materials, abandoning the use of sacks, favoured the mechanical transportation of loose grain. The process of selection, blending and milling of wheat is the prime activity of the Company that was born more than 50 years ago when, in 1958, at the age of just 19, Vincenzo Casillo founded his first mill in Corato.Durum wheat is the raw material that, when transformed into semolina flour, is the main ingredient of pasta products and bread.Today Casillo Group  trades  in and mills over 2 million tons of grain a year and is one of the world’s leading Market Makers in the field of durum wheat.